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Insulating Glass Units

Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) commonly refers to double or triple glazed units. IGUs perform better than typical single glazing because the air trapped between the panes of glass act as an insulator.


  • Improved energy efficiency of your home
  • Reduced heat loss in winter by up to 64%
  • Reduces heat invasion into your home
  • Increases noise reduction drastically
  • Increase of security
  • Reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home
  • Reduction of condensation
  • Can be further laminated or toughened



Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by an air space. The panes of glass are bonded to a spacer bar and the airspace is completely sealed. The process is repeated again to make a triple glazed unit.

The bigger the sealed airspace between the glass panes, the better the thermal insulation properties offered.

Click here to see the Supaglass IGU Manufacturer's Warranty. 

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