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SupaTuff - toughened glass

SupaTuff is toughened safety glass that is as clear and transparent as normal float glass, however has added strength and durability. This allows it to be used in various applications in and out of the home, such as shop-front windows and doors that are susceptible to forced entry, or as simple as glass for your coffee table.

Benefits of Toughening (tempering)

  • Greater resistance to physical shock
  • Can withstand repeated blows to the surface of the glass
  • Greater resistance to high or rapid changes in temperature
  • Can be expected to last longer
  • When shattered, glass fragments are less likely to inflict injury
  • Strength of glass increased 4-5 times more than regular glass



Here at Supaglass we toughen by heating our glass to an extremely high temperature in our large furnace, it's then cooled suddenly by quenching with cold air from enormous turbines. This causes the outer surface of the glass to be compressed, which in turn increases the tension internally. When the glass is broken, it shatters into small uniform particles instead of dangerous shards, far less likely to cause injury.

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